The performance took place on Sunday 29th of August, during the day two pairs of hand was visible above the building, one collecting paper from the entrance's side and another releasing paper from the garden's side. the text below was written before the exhibition as a reference of thoughts:

In any case, what will be thought about in the future won’t be too far off from now: the idea of ‘hiding', when seeing the garden. It shouldn't be called ‘hidden’ if there is no possibility of being discovered at all. The visible, the invisible, the known part, the unknown part. The determined range, the ambiguous emotions, the signals that possess meaning, the movements whose context is unknown, like blindly waiting for a shooting star beneath the vast veil of the night sky.

Entrance's side. photo: Mica Pan
Entrance's side. photo: Hala Namer
Garden's side. video: Hala Namer
Garden's side. photo: Giovanni Salice
Entrance's side. performer: Wen Duan. photo: Giovanni Salice