'Root', 15th November 2021

During the visit to Nijmegen, I encountered this little lake. I attached one end of a rope to one side of the lake and
another end on my body, while walking outwards the rope that was hidden in the lake started to reveal, and limited my
movement. I entrusted myself to the rope until both of us could no longer bear it.
‘Call', 7th November 2021

In the forest in Wageningen, I tried mimicking different bird calls and did this experiment during which I would spin and
send my call signal to every direction, it continues until I felt dizzy and collapsed.
"Spider', 9th November 2021

Thinking about the concept of 'direction' in a space that has no distinct borders like walls and corners, I try to locate
myself in between two trees by first moving reversed and later also with my eyes covered. The name comes from
observing spiders' movements while they make webs.