'ndsm-03', 18th February 2022.
In “ndsm-03”, I tied my body to a utility pole during the storm ‘Eunice’ , handover most of the control of my body in the wrath of the wind, causing the movement in the video. Like “Storm”, I was exploring the relationship between the human body and the environment, focusing on the physicality of both. The work was performed publicly without early notice, witnessed by people who happened to be there at the same time, also want to experience the storm.
'storm', 18th February 2022.
“Storm” and “ndsm-03” were done when the storm Eunice hits Amsterdam. The siren was recorded previously during the monthly siren test at the same place.

‘ndsm-03’ & ‘Storm’
The simplicity of the materiality of objects is one of the many realities of the nowadays world and seems to be the threshold of human empathy. In my recent video documentation of performative practices, I attempt to engage and interpret the environment through a minimalistic, sculptural way. By subjecting my own body amongst the objects and phenomenons of the environment, I try to imagine comprehending the world in a way that might be beyond human perceptions.